After ‘airing dirty laundry,’ Lewiston council agrees to continue talks on mayor’s role

After ‘broadcasting filthy washing,’ Lewiston council accepts proceed talks on mayor’s duty

Lewiston City Board Head Of State Lee Clement, 2nd from right, reacts to remarks by Mayor Carl Sheline, left, Tuesday evening throughout the council’s conference in Town hall. Marla Hoffman/Sun Journal

LEWISTON — After an extensive argument that some representatives stated totaled up to “broadcasting the council’s filthy washing,” Common council participants tabled a proposition that would certainly forbid the mayor from taking part in arguments unless she or he relinquished their duty as administering policeman.

The consentaneous ballot to table the product followed virtually 2 hrs of to and fro amongst chosen authorities throughout the initial conference of a brand-new year that saw proceeded political departments in Maine’s second-largest city. Ultimately, authorities consented to proceed the conversation in an approaching exec session with the city lawyer, intending to involve an arrangement without the requirement for altering council regulations.

The proposition advanced by Representative Lee Clement would certainly call for the mayor to continue to be “neutral and also removed” throughout arguments and also would certainly forbid them from sharing viewpoints on schedule things. Just by tipping down as administering policeman can the mayor make declarations on a thing and also, adhering to the conversation, return to the duty.

Some stated the proposition was just a political relocate to make points hard for Mayor Carl Sheline, and also was just being presented since Sheline has actually long differed with a bulk of the council on a number of concerns, specifically homeless plan. Under the city’s charter, the mayor is thought about a participant of the council, however does not elect on things unless one more representative is lacking.

Nevertheless, Clement and also those on behalf of the language stated the proposition came to be essential after a number of not successful efforts to quit Sheline from making “incorrect” and also “putting down” remarks after council ballots.

In a declaration, Clement stated the mayor is implied to be “unaligned” and also not take sides, taking care of the conference in a “neutral and also reasonable fashion” without making remarks or “placing his thumb on the range.” Clement has actually additionally suggested that the proposition was implied to just make clear the mayor’s duty making use of Robert’s Regulations of Order, the criterion for federal government conferences. Nevertheless, a number of individuals differed with Clement’s analysis and also stated chosen bodies can utilize Robert’s Regulations as a standard and also not “scripture.”

Seminar, Sheline reviewed a declaration suggesting that the suggested modification is an effort to “get rid of civil argument and also hinder person depiction.”

He stated it was a political action, and also one that breaks years of criterion with previous city board.

“It’s obvious that the council and also I have various viewpoints and also sights on the very best method to relocate Lewiston onward,” he stated. “Instead of participate in open argument and also conversation they look for to alter the regulations to silence dissenting sights and also limit the mayor’s long-lasting duty as a participant of the council. The council wouldn’t be trying to alter the regulations if we were ideologically lined up.”

“It is not equally unique for a mayor to take part in schedule product conversations while additionally taking care of the argument in a neutral and also reasonable fashion,” he included. “Each and every single mayor has actually done so prior to me.”

Sheline additionally stated that as composed, the modification can make council conferences “longer and also much less effective,” with a mayor possibly tipping down and also returning as administering policeman numerous times in order to make remarks.

Representative Rick LaChapelle stated he and also others have actually “repetitively attempted” to cut Sheline’s “snide comments” throughout exec session conversations.

“I take no satisfaction in resting right here and also broadcasting our filthy washing in public,” he stated, including that the mayor, as administering policeman, is meant to be held to high requirements.

In The Future, various other representatives resembled the exact same belief.

LaChapelle indicated an approaching conversation on the problem throughout the council’s previous conference in December, when, before the council’s ballot to authorize brand-new limitations on public outdoor camping efficient this springtime, Sheline stated, “It’s a negative concept currently and also it will certainly additionally be a negative concept April 1.”

The Lewiston Common council pays attention to Representative Lee Clement, seated 2nd from right, talk Tuesday evening throughout the council’s conference in Town hall. Marla Hoffman/Sun Journal

Representative Bob McCarthy stated Sheline is “regularly making unfavorable remarks after representatives talk,” which the proposition was “a long period of time coming and also not ignored.”

“There seems nothing else method to resolve this,” he stated. “If he doesn’t concur, he pipelines in. It puts down the representatives and also their sights.”

Representative Stephanie Gelinas concurred with most of the general public that talked Tuesday, mentioning it was regrettable that the council was taking part in even more disruptive concerns that don’t resolve city troubles. She additionally stated that throughout her initial term, then-Mayor Mark Cayer “talked and also shared viewpoints on each and every single product.”

“If you seize the day to enjoy others, you’ll see the exact same,” she stated, including that since the mayor is chosen citywide, she would like to know their point of view. “It’s been years of running in this manner. I can’t aid however ask yourself if he was concurring, would certainly we also be having this conversation?”

Representative Scott Harriman stated the whole council, while consenting to go over the problem, was not gotten in touch with on the prepared language by the city lawyer. He additionally stated he was amazed to see the problem turning up currently, considered that Lewiston has basically had the exact same charter “longer than I’ve been alive.”

During public comment, Jim Howaniec, a Lewiston attorney and former mayor, said during his time in city government in the 1990s, there would be tense fights between officials, but there was still a level of respect.

“We used to have knock-down drag-out fights in here, and then we’d go out and have a beer afterwards,” he said, adding that the proposal “strikes me as very personal. Imagine telling John Jenkins that he can’t speak at a council meeting.”

Lewiston resident Alex Pine said it appeared the amendment was only “being used as a way to censure the mayor for behavior.”

“Changing the rules to signal that displeasure is not going to change behavior, but merely adds procedural time,” he said.

Councilor Linda Scott, who earlier in the meeting was appointed the new council president, said she struggled with the issue. She said she agreed that Sheline often makes “pejorative statements” that do not mirror an impartial presiding officer.

“No member should feel the presiding officer takes sides,” she said. “It’s extremely unfortunate we’re here today. We have to work on this together, in order to get business done together.”

Scott said the way to move forward is for Sheline to recognize his previous comments and for the council to discuss it further in executive session. She said she also believes the council should return to its previous public comment policies that didn’t restrict speaking time to three minutes.

Former council President Michel Lajoie also spoke during public comment, telling councilors to show “professionalism” by tabling the item and discussing it in executive session.

On Wednesday morning, Sheline said that “while sometimes we have differing views about what’s best for our city, the council has my respect and I look forward to putting this behind us and working together for the good of Lewiston.”

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