Congressman Kim Introduces Department of Defense Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act

Congressman Kim Introduces Department of Defense Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act


WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03) introduced the Department of Defense Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act to limit the influence of contractors on the military, restrict foreign influence on retired senior military officers, and assert greater transparency over contractors and their interaction with the Department of Defense (DoD). This bill is the House companion to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (MA) bill introduced in the Senate earlier this year.


“From my time in national security, I saw firsthand how important it is for DoD officials to put their focus on U.S. national security, completing the mission, protecting servicemembers, and supporting military families. To do that, we need to prevent conflicts of interest, root out corruption, waste, and fraud so officials can focus on the mission in front of them,” said Congressman Andy Kim. “This bill is meant to reinforce those values and make sure that Americans know our defense force has their backs. I’m proud to introduce this bill as a companion to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bill in the Senate and urge members of both houses to support this bill and help restore Americans’ trust in their government.”


“When former senior military officials are willing to sell their credentials to the highest bidder, our national security is put at risk,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren. “I’m renewing the push with Representative Kim to pass legislation that will root out corruption, rein in foreign influence, and ensure greater transparency over defense contractors and their interactions with DoD.”


The DoD Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act would:


Close the Revolving Door and Restrict Contractor Influence.

  • Limits the revolving door between senior DoD officials and industry by imposing a 4-year ban on giant contractors hiring senior DoD officials and on contractors hiring former DoD employees who managed their contract.
  • Extends to 4 years the existing prohibition on former military generals lobbying the DoD and expands the restrictions to other senior officials.
  • Requires defense contractors to submit detailed annual reports to DoD regarding former senior DoD officials who are subsequently employed by contractors and requires DoD to make those reports public.
  • Raises the recusal standard for DoD employees by prohibiting them from participating in any matter that might affect the financial interests of their former employer or direct competitor for 4 years.
  • Bans senior DoD officials from owning any stock in a major defense contractor that receives more than $100 million in revenue from DoD contracts.


Limit Foreign Influence.

  • Prohibits senior national security officials from working on behalf of foreign governments.
  • Prohibits military and civilian intelligence personnel from working on behalf of foreign governments or private entity that operates predominantly on behalf of a foreign government.


Ensure Contractor Transparency.

  • Requires large defense contractors to submit a report of their lobbying activities, including who they’re meeting with, what they’re lobbying about, and what (unclassified) information they’re sharing.
  • Requires the Secretary of Defense to publish online copies of unclassified DoD contracts. If contracts are worth more than $10 million, any relevant and available performance history of the contractor will be included.
  • Requires publication of contractor evaluation ratings.
  • Requires the military services to maintain public websites with the names, biographies, and any associated financial disclosures, as well as DoD Inspector General reports and command climate surveys, regarding all active and reserve component senior military officers.


Congressman Kim is the Ranking Member on the Military Personnel Subcommittee, and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Select Committee on China. More information about Congressman Kim’s accessibility, his work serving New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District, and information on newsletters and his monthly town halls can be found on his website by clicking here.



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