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LPB expands the impact of the hit documentary with educational resources and classroom scholarships for teachers across Louisiana.

Just in time for the new school year educators, students, and parents have access to new digital resources that compliment learning across multiple areas of study. Developed by LPB Education, a division of Louisiana Public Broadcasting, these free educational resources curated from LPB’s hit mini-series, Why Louisiana Aint Mississippi… or Any Place Else!, offers entertaining and informative content for twenty-four curriculum supports. The launch of these assets, in conjunction with the start of the new school year, is coupled with an exciting new scholarship initiative LPB Lagniappedesigned to aid teachers with the rising costs of classroom supplies.

LPB is rolling out the resources in mid-August with the rebroadcast of the series. In addition, 10 percent of membership revenues raised by Why Louisiana Aint Mississippi… or Any Place Else! this school year will go toward the LPB Lagniappe initiative for teachers across the state. The scholarships are designed to help teachers offset the costs of classroom supplies – costs that often come out of the pockets of the teachers themselves. A 2022 survey by the National Education Association found that 90% of teachers report spending their own money on supplies and other items their students need to succeed. On average, they report spending around $500.

“I’ve talked to so many teachers and I hear the same thing about the rising classroom costs,” said Clarence “C.C” Copeland, LPB President and CEO. LPB is committed to helping children succeed, and that includes helping teachers, either by offering free resources and materials, professional development, or small scholarship initiatives like this one.” The scholarships will be issued on a first-come basis. Additional scholarships will be available as additional funds become available.

This past June, the educational resources were also endorsed by the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and furthers LPB’s ongoing mission to deliver more high-quality resources to the classroom.

“The lessons encourage independent and critical thinking among a wide age range and they each have an essential technology component that addresses the Louisiana State Technology Standards,” says Anne Arceneaux, LPB’s Educational TV Technology Specialist. “The resources are easily modified by teachers for the different grade levels. We are thrilled that BESE sees the value of this content.”

Why Louisiana Aint Mississippi… or Any Place Else! produced by LPB and created and hosted by Jay Dardenne, takes viewers on a time-tripping historical adventure across our state, exploring the stories, the people, the places, and events that make Louisiana just a bit more special than anywhere else in America. The resources are designed to aid educators, parents, and students in grades 6-12 in a variety of subjects, including math, science, English language arts, Louisiana history, and the arts.

“Like the series, these fun resources highlight the rich culture of our state and its diverse population, says Nancy Tooraen, LPB Education Services Director. “One of the things I love most about “Why Louisiana” is the learning and understanding of some of our state’s most cherished traditions.”

Browse through the resources and apply for the scholarships at whylouisiana.lpb.org.




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