Ex-THA member on work ethic: ‘Too damn long to get things done in Tobago’


CALM: People go about their business in Scarborough, Tobago. - File photo by David Reid
CALM: People go about their business in Scarborough, Tobago. – File photo by David Reid

FORMER THA assemblyman Gerry MacFarlane has strongly criticised Tobago’s work ethic, saying it takes too long to get basic things done on the island.

He was speaking on Tuesday during the open forum at a stakeholder consultation on inter-island transportation and connectivity at Mt Irvine Bay Resort.

MacFarlane, a businessman, raised the issue as he reflected on Chief Secretary Farley Augustine’s plan to make Tobago the “greatest little island on the planet.”

He said in order for this to be achieved, the THA must address the island’s terrible work ethic.

“You have to look at the public service and those people in the private sector who provide service in Tobago. There are some basic things that you cannot get done on this island which Tobago people have the power to do and we are not doing it,” he said. “It takes so damn long to get things done in this place. It’s a sin, like it’s a curse sometimes. And people get paid to do that, and still…”

MacFarlane said only a few employees in the THA and private sector take their work seriously.

“Too few people work so hard and dedicate themselves to change this place, and they not doing it. And there are too many people who don’t care one bit. They just want to take their time, no work, and get paid when the month or fortnight come.”

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