For Patriots Cheerleader Olivia Kerins, nursing and philanthropy run in the family

If two things run in Olivia Kerins’ family, it’s volunteerism and a nursing degree.

“I am one of over 20 nurses in my family,” said the full-time nurse, entering her rookie season with the New England Patriots Cheerleaders.

“You’re very safe in our house, we like to say. There’s a lot of us.”

Together, her parents own and operate Nursing On Demand, a nursing concierge company. Her brother and his soon-to-be wife are nurses, as are a handful of aunts and cousins. Growing up in Belmont, her weekends were spent giving back with her mother, and even before she dreamed of joining the cheerleading squad, she recalls something her father would often say.

“I don’t want to say it’s coincidental, but growing up, my dad always said that the Kraft family was the gold standard for volunteerism. It just feels right at this point, to be part of the Patriots organization, because that’s always been a motto in our house.”

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